Why Do Real Estate Agents Use Junk Removal Services?


If you’re a homeowner, there’s a good chance that your garage isn’t in the best shape. The garage is one of the most overlooked areas of the home in terms of the clutter it can generate! If you…

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Why Do Real Estate Agents Use Junk Removal Services?

If you’re a homeowner, there’s a good chance that your garage isn’t in the best shape. The garage is one of the most overlooked areas of the home in terms of the clutter it can generate! If you let your garage go unchecked for too long, it could spell disaster for your home’s health. Having a professional junk removal service help you with the clutter can bring your home a variety of hidden benefits. We’ve highlighted the most significant benefits of garage cleanouts below!

Prevent Pest Infestations

One of the biggest – and less commonly known – issues that can result from a buildup of junk is pest infestations. When there are big piles of junk, rodents, bugs and other critters will see that space as a place to build a home for themselves. It should go without saying that this can be incredibly harmful to your home! Pests can bring disease and also interfere with your home’s structure. With garage cleanouts, these pest problems will cease to be!

Protect From Mold And Mildew

Did you know that an over-cluttered garage can pose a significant risk to the items that you care the most about in it? There are several issues that can harm these items if your garage hasn’t seen much cleaning. The first – and probably the most dangerous – of them is the potential for mold and mildew buildup. Besides being a serious allergy for a lot of people, mold can be incredibly dangerous for the health of your home and its items. Mildew isn’t helpful for the same reason. To prevent these buildups from occurring, garage cleanout services are paramount!

Protect Items From Damage

Mold and mildew aren’t the only threats to your items in an over-cluttered garage! The build up of junk can cause serious structural damage to your most valuable items. They’ll be put under a lot of pressure and weight by the items around them, which could permanently warp them or give them further damage. Pests can also cause damage to your home items by gnawing on them or tearing them. In order to ensure the longevity of your most treasured items, clean the area around them.

Garage Cleanouts With Trash Your Junk

If you’re looking to remove the messes and stress from your home or business, there’s no better place to call than Trash Your Junk! Our expert team is trained on removing all sorts of junk items for you, so you can reclaim your space and preserve the health of your home. We’re an eco-friendly junk removal company too, so you can do your part for the environment when you choose junk removal with us! Getting an estimate is as simple as taking a picture of your space, or you can click here to fill out a contact form.</a Junk removal companies can provide services to a wide variety of clients. Some of the biggest ones that take advantage are construction companies, homeowners, and people who own storage units. Amongst the growing list of industries that junk removal companies work for lies one that you wouldn’t connect to them at first: real estate! Believe it or not, real estate agents rely on junk removal companies to help them with a variety of tasks. So, why do real estate agents use junk removal services, and what do they use them for? We break down the details below!

To Flip Unclean Properties

When real estate agents are met with a property that they’re tasked with selling, they aren’t always left in the best condition. Sometimes, prior tenants tend to leave their unwanted items in these properties for the real estate agent to deal with. In other, more severe cases, they could be met with a hoarding situation. Both of these problems can lead to big junk piles that make a place look like a sight for sore eyes. With junk removal services, you can completely transform the quality of your property!

To Save Precious Time

As a real estate agent, you should be very familiar with the saying “Time is money”! A mere day can be the difference between selling a property and it remaining stagnant on the market. When real estate agents are met with big junk piles or unsightly scenes left by other tenants, they know that fixing that can take time. Junk removal services can help real estate agents save those precious seconds so that they can use them to sell the property.

To Remove Bulkier Items

When we talk about large piles of junk that infest a property, there are bound to be larger items and bulky household appliances among them! These items are incredibly dangerous for the average person to pick up, as there are very specific methods you need to use. If done improperly, it could lead to muscle strains and tears! These will deteriorate your productivity and erase the time you need to sell properties. Junk removal services can take this stress and worry off of your hands – and the bulky items, too!

Junk Removal With Trash Your Junk

Not every junk removal company is an eco-friendly service, but Trash Your Junk is a fantastic exception! We provide our junk removal services to a wide variety of different clients, including real estate agents. Save even more time with our seamless process of getting an estimate; simply take a picture of your space and send it our way to get a prompt estimate. For 5-star service and the opportunity to reclaim lost time, contact us today!

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